What people are saying – FMP reviews

” As a first time FMP participant, I expected this to be challenging. But the foods were DELICIOUS and filling. Anita’s and Louise’s daily guidance was invaluable, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.” Karen


“This program was a life changer for me. I realized how food and stress are controlling my life.” -Robyn


“I feel freed from the tyranny of food and I learned the difference between what my mind needs and what my body needs.” -Eve

“Doing the fast three times has had a profound and positive affect on my body, mind, and spirit. I have lost a good amount of weight, which has always been a challenge given my thyroid issues. My steady diet has changed for the better—and it was fairly good to start with—and I now clearly know in my body when I am feeding myself for sustenance versus feeding my emotions.”-  Eve 


Dear Anita and Louise, Thank you for offering this wonderful opportunity. The Fasting Mimmicking  Mindfulness program helped me achieve some planned goals and has many additional benefits as well.

The mindfulness activities with the fasting was a great combination. Ultimately, the mindfulness activities provided me with clarity on a number of issues. In fact, a day after the fasting program ended, I had a big break through in my thinking on a major life decision. By taking care of myself, and having some time to think about things made a difference in ways I never imagined. Indeed, I already have a different relationship with food, lost weight, gained new focus and improved my life. I will do the fasting mimicking program again.




“Yes. I found the combination of diet regimen, meditation , the Nitric Oxide exercise, and the caring concern the perfect combination. Also, sharing with the group felt really supportive. Having several weeks to begin to eat less really helped when it came time for the actual fast, as I wasn’t hungry at all.  I will recommend this fast to friends, as a great way to get eating habits and pain due to inflammation under control.” – Rita


This tool, this program is helping me change my life for the better, thank you Anita and Louise.” – Nancy


“The FMP is a thorough program with lots of tasty recipes and excellent support. You begin and end the day with meditations and mindfulness exercises, preparing your mind to support the work that your body is doing during the program. Anita and Louise offered excellent support, and the group emails encouraged communication with others doing the program. I learned so much about nutrition and my body. My body responded differently both times that I went through the program. I look forward to doing it again!” – Karen 


“Thank you for the opportunity to allow myself to find a new relationship with food.  The recipes and mindfulness practices are great.  I will continue to use them every day.” – Sarah





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