Food Fasting Mindfulness Programs (FMP)


Anita Bondi, PhD and Louise Bowman,MSAc., MSNutr. are the co- directors of Wellspring Holistic Center, creators of the 21 Day Transformation and Regeneration Protocol, the FMP (Fasting Mindfulness Program), and sisters on this journey of life. In keeping with their mission statement – to empower people to take their health into their own hands – they are bringing their combined 54 years in the field of body/mind Integrative Medicine and their ongoing study and research to offer you programs that are focused on food, fasting, mindfulness, and meditation.

There is much talk in the natural health field today about the benefits of diet, fasting, and time restricted eating as well as the need for mindfulness and meditation practices used daily to bring us into alignment  with the lives we want to lead.  Anita and Louise are constantly reading, studying, experimenting, and practicing what they preach. They believe that the body wants to be well on all levels and that healing is possible for everyone. They are dedicated to that in themselves and in those who choose to work with them in private sessions and/or participate in their various FFMP programs.

They also understand and know the struggles we all face in finding and taking the time for all that healthy living seems to require. They have had success and they want to help you to have success too. They have created multiple programs that focus on food, fasting, and mindfulness for individuals and groups and will continue to inspire and challenge themselves and the world around them.

For those that find it is easier at times to make commitments and keep them within a group, some of their programs will invite you to join a community of like-minded people who want what you want – who want to  change and who need support to achieve their goals. Other programs are designed for individual focus on personal goals and healing.

Their doors are always open to all who desire a life of working together to create a world of abundant well-being; where people are peaceful, present, resilient and free on all levels.

Anita Bondi Louise Bowman creators of the 21 day transformation and regeneration program. Fasting mimicking mindfulness program fasting mimicking diet FFMP FMP

“Old keys will never open new doors” – anita bondi

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