Mindfulness Practice – Day 5

Day 5 – Contact – Stillness

InterPlay (developed by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter), uses principles and practices that help to unlock the wisdom that is within each one of us.

Use the picture of the Contact card from The InterPlay Inspiration Deck as you:

Look at the symbol, does it speak to you?

Look at the color, does that create a response in your mind or your body?

Let’s learn about what InterPlay says about the principle of, Contact.


Day 4 –  Contact and Stillness


Mindfulness Practice 1

contact front

Contact – As human beings we are born wired for connection and belonging – it’s in our DNA, as strong a need as food, water, and warmth. Our brains have a built in  ‘attachment system’, which gives us a magnetic attraction to others and a desire to connect. Much research is being done today on this basic human need and what happens on all PEMS  (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) levels of our body when we do not have the connection and contact on a regular basis.

In InterPlay, Contact teaches us the importance of safe practices around touch and connection. We build these practices by learning to trust ourselves and discovering what feels good, where our boundaries are, and how to communicate what we know and need.  We can ask for what we need and let go of what is given or not given when we realize that contact and connection are available in so many different situations and with so many different people. One person does not have to meet all of our needs.

Contact invites us to experience that connection is always present whether we are together or apart.

As many of us are experiencing an increase in distance from loved ones and friends, this Loving Kindness Meditation, from meditation teacher and Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hahn, invites us to experience contact and love, even while sheltering in place.

Use the Day 5  Loving Kindness Meditation to begin your practice today.

Music: Grace by Eric Jacobsen


Mindfulness Practice 2

Use the picture of the Stillness card from The InterPlay Inspiration Deck as you:

Look at the symbol, does it speak to you?

Look at the color, does that create a response in your mind or your body?

Let’s learn about what InterPlay says about the principle of, Stillness.


stillness front

Stillness is the InterPlay principle of deepening. To stop moving and have a moment to just be still can provide a break from our usual harried lives. Stillness is a difficult practice if we fear we may be judged for having nothing to show for our day or if we have to be constantly moving in order to feel worthy and/or alive. However, when Stillness becomes our friend, we begin to see its value and can make it a part of our daily life. If we take time to look, listen, and feel what is going on in our lives, we may open up to new possibilities and ideas. We may see what is working well and what may need to change. Answers and insights may reveal themselves to us. Actions can then be easy and clear. We may discover energy we did not know we had, especially for the things that bring us into a state of Grace.

Today is Day 5. We are nearing the end of this phase of our journey.  Stillness is a gift.

You are invited to give it to yourself today.

Feel free to engage in this simple meditation and use this Free Pass to be still several times today while practicing this One minute meditation. See what you Notice. You may need to take an Easy Focus in order to be able to do this Practice.

This is an important day. The last day of your fast. Make it matter, because you and your life matter!


Nighttime Practice

Take out your Prefix writing and look at question 5.

(i.e. One thing I want to cultivate more of is self- compassion )

Repeat it out loud three times.

In your journal or on a piece of paper, answer the following questions. Allow yourself to answer with the first thing that comes to mind.


In my life right now, self-compassion would look like ____________________________.

Coming off the fast I need to _________________________.

One technique or meditation from these 5 days that can help me with this is _______________________.

One principle of InterPlay that I can use to help me remember what I want to create is _________________________________.

What I want to congratulate myself for is _____________________________________.


You have what it takes to create the life you want.

Congratulations! You did an amazing thing.

Take a few moments to lie in bed and bask in the splendor of you: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual – all parts of the wonder of YOU!


Fall asleep with the stories of Contact and Stillness (optional)

Rest well.

See you tomorrow for the Zoom Party and Wrap up!



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