Mindfulness Practice – Day 3

Day 3– Inner Authority – Practice

InterPlay (developed by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter), uses principles and practices that help to unlock the wisdom that is within each one of us.

Use the picture of the Inner Authority card from The InterPlay Inspiration Deck as you:

Look at the symbol, does it speak to you?

Look at the color, does that create a response in your mind or your body?

Let’s learn about what InterPlay says about the principle of, Inner Authority.

Day 3 –Inner Authority and Practice

Mindfulness Practice 1

inner authority front

Inner Authority– Over the years, our parents, teachers, faith traditions, bosses, friends, etc. have been teaching us many different things. What they have been bringing us might be called ‘external authority’. We have also been learning many things from our own experience of living. We might call this ‘internal authority’. Sometimes these two are in conflict. Sometimes it is difficult to discern what is ours and what is not because it has been so deeply ingrained. Breathing and slowing down can help. We can learn to listen more to our internal authority when we practice moving out of our mental stories and deeper into our Body Wisdom. Don’t believe everything you think! Your mind loves to play tricks on you. Go deeper. Listen to the still small voice inside that has been trying to get your attention.

Mantra Meditation

Meditation peels away all the layers that normally surround the moment, allowing us to let go of our ego based self – thoughts, ideas, projections. Meditation allows us to choose to put these aside and just sit with ourselves in a moment of complete awareness and presence.

We watch our thoughts come and go. We begin to see that thoughts just happen. The mind simply thinks and we are not in control of the thoughts. This can be liberating. The result of realizing this truth can be joy, peace, love, and a compassion that can run like a river, an undercurrent through our lives.

These feelings are not because of something external happening. i.e. My boss is on vacation, so I am so happy. My brother in law was nice to me, so now I feel good.

When our joy, peace, love, etc. is not conditional, we are free from our minds.

When we can dive into this river and spend time there, we can experience more compassion, connection, and potentially experience more fullness in our day to day lives.

Mantra meditation invites us to choose a word or a phrase and repeat it over and over again. This can help us to stay focused during our meditation  time, especially when we are beginning to cultivate a daily meditation practice.

We will use the simple phrase, I am _________________.

Choose a word for yourself, a state of being you would like to cultivate. (i.e. peace, calm, here, joyful, focused, etc)

Use the Day 3   Mantra meditation to begin your practice today.

Music Aeoliah- Devotion

Mindfulness Practice 2

Use the picture of the Practice card from The InterPlay Inspiration Deck as you:

Look at the symbol, does it speak to you?

Look at the color, does that create a response in your mind or your body?

Let’s learn about what InterPlay says about the principle of, Practice.

practice front

Practice – Practice is a repeatable action that helps to create a desired change, allows us to experience excellence in a particular area, or creates and maintains a certain state of being. If we practice anything regularly, we will see changes in the way we behave, think, or feel.

We can see this in whatever we practice – good habits as well as bad habits – and that is a powerful thing to remember. Many of us have put more time into practicing habits that do not aid or benefit us.

With our Fasting and our Mindfulness, we are showing ourselves that change is possible and as we practice our new ways of being, we boost our confidence in truly having the life we desire.

Cognitive/Emotional Overload

Things are happening fast. There is so much to take in. (We learned about that yesterday in Day 2.) Our nervous system cannot handle all the stimulation.

How do we keep up? Get it all done?

Our psychological impact is great.  It becomes hard to remember things, names, etc. (where did i put my keys? what is her name again?) 

We never get a break, which is one reason the brain goes into overload.

We chalk this up to aging, but science now says that it is mostly from cognitive overload.

If we could take a step back and have a chance to breathe and notice, what might happen? If we could move out of Flight, Fight, or Freeze, what would happen?

Our FMMP is giving us the opportunity to slow down, to find time to focus on something other than food. By Day 3 maybe you are even noticing there is more room inside of you for other things to surface?

Another way to move out of sympathetic nervous response living is to simply take your fingertips and gently tap on your forehead.

That’s right. That simple. Tap 10 times to bring your pre-frontal cortex online. Parasympathetic Reset. 

Let’s Practice. Tap 10 X’s while saying your mantra!

Practice that a few times today. Stop. Take a break. Reset.

Remember to soften your focus today as well – take an Easy Focus and trust your own Inner Authority. See you this evening.

Nighttime Practice

Take out your Pre-fast writing and look at question 3

(i.e. When I am at my worst, I am anxious, unsettled, reactive, and controlling)

Take a moment to read your personal sentence to yourself. Now take a deep breath in and let it out with a sigh. Read your sentence two more times. Now close your eyes and see if you feel any tension in your body.

Pay attention to that area of your body. Feel the tension and practice staying present to the tension. You are asked to do nothing but practice staying with the tension while not trying to fix it, change it, or move away from it.

Sometimes discomfort is just what it is. It can teach us and help us to build resiliency for the times in our lives when things become difficult and may stay that way for a long period of time. This is true now as we navigate sheltering in place, reduced income, not being able to see family and friends- unknowns all around us. Discomfort is not bad. It is part of living and being in this human experience. We do not need to numb it with food, drink, drugs, etc. Once we learn how to be with uncomfortable feelings, they lose much of their power. What a relief!

Now, spend a moment noticing how it was to complete Day 3.

Was it difficult? Did you have moments where you felt uncomfortable? Did you want to stop, give up, or anything else?

Write down anything that feels important to you in your journal or on a piece of paper.

You are Practicing new ways of responding to your feelings and your thoughts. This is a good thing.

Fall asleep with the stories of Inner Authority and Practice (optional)


You are incredible!

Rest well. See you on Day 4