Martial Arts

Wednesday and Friday from 7:00 – 8:00pm

Martial Arts:

Fire Mountain Taekwondo Academy has been offering quality, affordable martial arts instruction to children (1st grade and above) and adults at the Wellspring Holistic Center since February 1997.

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art system of unarmed combat.  The word taekwondo translates to the art of kicking and punching.  Students develop their body, mind and spirit as a result of their training journey from beginner white belt to advanced black belt.

In addition to learning martial techniques, a typical class will consist of warm-up exercises to develop one’s cardio-vascular fitness, strength and flexibility. Curriculum involves learning a wide variety of martial techniques: blocks, strikes, punches, kicks, forms (poomsae), sparring, weapons, rolling/falling, meditation, breathing exercises and more.

Classes meet at Wellspring Holistic Center location in Stroudsburg at 554 Main Street on the 2nd Floor.  Students may also attend classes held at other locations; Trinity Episcopal Church in Mt. Pocono or Mt. Pocohontas clubhouse in Albrightsville.

Nancy Olivieri is the chief instructor of Fire Moutain Taekwondo Academy.  She has twenty years of teaching and training experience and attained the rank of master in 2004. She is a former student of the late Grandmaster Thomas J. Wilson of the Black Belt Academy in West Chester, PA.  She also has training in hapkido, kali, tai chi and krav maga.  She is a certified regional referee, coach and in the past has served as vice president and treasurer of the Pennsylvania State Taekwondo Association.

For those who would like to try taekwondo, the first two classes are offered free of charge.  New students receive a free uniform and a tuition discount for the first four months.  Fire Mountain Taekwondo Academy has been a club member of the Amateur Athletic Union since 1997.  To schedule and appointment for your first free class, please call 610-368-1837 or email

fire mountain taekwondoAbout Nancy Olivieri:

My journey out of the misery of pain and into the mystery of healing began in 1993 as a result of a martial arts training injury. Here are a few of the path’s I have traveled:
Much love and appreciation to my healer Jean Daly who exposed me to several energetic healing modalities and much more. Her work changed my life!
I thank my first teacher; Carol Jannain who introduced me to Healing Touch energetic healing work in 1996 and invited me to attend her workshops. The next “thank you” step on the journey began in 1998 with reiki master Susan Bradford. I received my master attunement in 2002. My third “thank you” step was in 1999 with Thai Massage instructor Michael Buck (what a trip!). Thank you’s to Dr. John Upledger and the Upledger Institute instructor’s for cranio sacral therapy training 2003. Mahalla (thank you) to Karen Reifinger, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodwork instructor; trainings 2004 and 2005… journey continues……