Our Mission Statement

Wellspring Peace To All Who Enter Here

At Wellspring Holistic Center, we believe that all people have the innate ability to heal themselves. We know that the human body wants to be well on all levels: body, mind, and emotions. We assist in the process of healing by offering holistic, complementary medical modalities (including acupuncture and many body-based techniques), breath and alignment focused classes, as well as workshops and community outreach that educates the public and helps bring awareness to the field of holistic healing and integrative medicine.

Our goal is to empower people. We help them take their health into their own hands. We offer highly trained and skilled practitioners, a supportive atmosphere, and most importantly, the time to listen to each person’s individual story.

Our doors are always open for those clients, students, teachers, and practitioners who desire a life of working together to create a world of abundant well-being, where people are peaceful, present, resilient and free on all levels.

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