On a personal note…

…still undecided about whether the Fasting Mimicking Mindfulness Program (FMMP) is for you?

Listen as Anita and Louise give the details of their groundbreaking, science inspired protocol.


Read a letter from one of our participants:

Dear Anita and Louise, Thank you for offering this wonderful opportunity. The Fasting Mimmicking  Mindfulness program helped me achieve some planned goals and has many additional benefits as well.

Here is my experience in a nutshell. The fear of the fasting was greater than the reality. Before fasting, one wonders, “How hungry will I be?  The side effects listed are concerning. Which ones will I experience? Will I be able to carry on my usual daily activities?”  The answer for me was a resounding yes. Most people can do this. Yes, it takes a little perseverance. It’s great to do it with a friend and the support network provided is helpful. The food tastes great – I will make most of these recipes again. There were moments of hunger and a headache or two, but the meals were filling and the snacks were great. The mindfulness activities with the fasting was a great combination. Ultimately, the mindfulness activities provided me with clarity on a number of issues. In fact, a day after the fasting program ended, I had a big break through in my thinking on a major life decision. By taking care of myself, and having some time to think about things made a difference in ways I never imagined. Indeed, I already have a different relationship with food, lost weight, gained new focus and improved my life. I will do the fasting mimicking program again.

Sincerely, Deb


If you are interested in participating in the FMMP, or have additional questions, please contact Wellspring Holistic Center at 570-421-3708 or email wellspring@wellspringholisticcenter.com


We know these are tough times for many of us. The cost of the entire program is $200- but for those in need we are offering a sliding fee scale of $100 – $200-.

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Please know that we are open to hearing from you and your personal needs. All are welcome.


Louise and Anita